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And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26

4/30/11 Update: We spent quite a bit of time on the phone last night with folks on the ground in Alabama. The outpouring of love and help has been amazing. The Body of Christ is coming together and helping all in need. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being lived out before the lost. With regard to the families in Ashville (where the Boyd, Crawford, and Lee families lived), volunteers have found almost total devastation. Most of the homes and many of the buildings are destroyed or severely damaged. Some of you have offered food and clothing. However, there is no room to store even the basic supplies. What is needed the most right now is labor and money. There is much to rebuild in this community. And all of the families are thankful for your generosity!  Your tax-deductible gifts are making a difference!

The stories of heartbreak and loss from the devastating storms in Alabama continue to pour in. Our church has many friends in one of the hardest hit areas outside of Birmingham. At one point, we were working to establish a church plant there. A number of the families in that community have lost everything.

Tom Lee, father of thirteen, lost his life when his home collapsed on him and his family during the tornado. His wife and most of their children were trapped under the rubble for hours before friends (who had also lost their homes) arrived from two miles away to help. Three of the children were hospitalized. Miraculously, no one had any broken bones (even the daughter who had been pinned under a piano!).

As the storm descended upon this small town, four neighboring families sought refuge together with the Crawford family (whose husband/father helped free the Lee family from the rubble). The Crawfords, who just had baby number 9 this month, had the only home on the street with a basement. After the storm passed, everyone in the basement was safe, but the home above was completely destroyed. In addition, Kelly Crawford’s father had a massive heart attack yesterday morning; so, neither he nor his wife were in their home (which was destroyed) when the storm hit.

We have set up a fund to help these families and many others. If you would like to participate in this effort, you can send a check to: Providence Church, 401 S. Carol Ave., Morton, IL, 61550. Or, you can use the link below to send your funds immediately. All monies received into this fund will be dispersed to the victims of the storm in Alabama. If you would like your donation to help a specific family or individual, please specify that on your check, or send an email along with your online donation to:

service AT providencepeoria DOT org.

Total funds received to date: $15,973.51

13 thoughts on “Tornado Relief Efforts

  • I´m 18 years old and have no credit card yet,but I want to you have a bank acount, where I can transfer the money from my acount?It won´t be much, but I would love to help!

  • Hi Sara – you can send an eCheck through the Paypal link. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Pastor McDonald, our family would like to help the Crawford family, in particular, and the Lee family as well. Could you please tell us if there are even places in their area where the needed supplies can be purchased. What do you think, from the information you have, would be the best way we can help, is there a specific plan in place?

    Thank you for providing a means to help these dear families.

  • Hi Beth, our plan will be to work directly with families who are part of a mission work that we had in the Birmingham area. They are friends with the Crawford and Lee families, and of already been helping to restore what they can in the area. We are trying to assess specific needs that these families and others will have. As you might imagine, things are very fluid there. Telephone and power are still spotty at best. As we get more information we will be passing it along to everyone who participates. Grace and peace.

  • Thank you, Pastor McDonald, for helping put “feet” to our desire to show our love for these families.

  • Dear Pastor McDonald,
    Besides donating cash, is there any needs for clothes? our family has boxes of some never worn or lightly worn jeans dress shirts , t-shirts that we were going to garage sale but I would rather give them to someone who needs them…or would it be possible to find out what needs there are.. such as clothes types and sizes, well if you need clothes I’ve definitely have some….
    Trying to help,
    William &Kelley McLemore & family

  • Dear McLemore family: thank you for your prayers and compassion. We are still trying to assess the overall physical needs of the families impacted by the storms. I have tried to get through to those on the ground today, but have not been able to speak with anyone yet. Hopefully I will make contact soon. This is one of the questions I have on my list. We will update everyone as soon as we can. Grace and peace,

  • I would love to help in some way. I am in the UK, so my money goes further over there. I was also wondering, once things have settled down, if a voucher for would be helpful to them, to get books for schooling? As a HS mother, it was one thing I thought would be hard to lose…all our books. If money would be better, we will do that. Mostly, my prayers are with them all. Praying that they will sense the presence of the God of all comfort.

  • James, We have a camper that will sleep 10 and a generator if anyone there could use them. We live in Alabama about two hrs away. And could take them there. Ray

  • I, too, would like to donate quality clothing and food items. Is there someone who could organize a truck to drive the donations to those in need?

  • Hi James,
    Is there a specific address that I can send physical goods to the Crawford/Lee families?

    I have done the PayPal thing, but have new bed sheets, clothing, shoes, etc. that I would like to send.

    Thanks in advance.

    By His Grace, Lisa Perry

  • Hi Lisa and Deb – at this time, the folks in Alabama have been overwhelmed with clothing and food. God has been very gracious. And we have been able to raise over $46,000 to help them. Thank you for your gifts and prayers.

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